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Board Members


Robert Doggett

Lowell Feldman

Greg Hudson

Bret Pearlman

In 2008, a group of law students from the University of Texas at Austin (UT Austin) began USFon by creating a 501(c)(3) Texas CLEC (Competative Local Exchange Carrier) with the intent of providing affordable broadband and/or voice services to those in need at reasonable rates. Their first project undertaken was providing voice service to a low-income housing complex whose residents included many unemployed. USFon subsequently provided service to an additional public housing complex whose residents are comprised of many ederly or disabled residents. USFon continues to serve this facility to this day.

USFon has since expanded its services to work with educational institutions by providing dark fiber connectivity between the campuses of a major university as well as providing broadband connectivity to rural community college campuses, rural ISDs and a rural municipality. USFon is currently working on several educational projects to support broadband-in-the-classroom. We continue to expand our services and are always looking to partner with rural, low-income, education, or healthcare entities to meet their broadband needs within their financial capacity. We also welcome partnering with existing service providers.

Our Staff

Brian DeHaven - President

Rich Lewis - CFO

Scott Foster - Community Project


Terri Richter - Accounting Mgr.

Lauren Salazar - Project Mgr /

Outreach Specialist

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