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Recent Projects

Services We Provide

Service for Low-Income

Dark Fiber Services

Provide broadband internet service to all residents of a publically-funded housing complex as well as voice service to those requesting service.

Work with the educational institutions to provide dark fiber connectivity to and between campuses.

Ethernet and DIA Services

Rural Service Providers

Provide point-to-point Ethernet as well as direct internet access (DIA) to rural educational entities (ISDs and colleges).

Work with rural service providers to economically connect them to broader networks.

Rural Service Provider Support

Part of USFon’s mission is to support rural service providers in order to better serve rural communities in the most efficient manner possible. As a part of this commitment, USFon is willing to offer rural providers per customer pricing in on-net markets to help foster growth of provider networks into new areas. In return, USFon only asks that the rural service provider extends USFon’s mission at discounted pricing when USFon is unable to reach certain customers and the service provider can.

Current Initiative!

Education and Telemedicine are our focus for this year. If you or someone you know is interested in partnering with us to provide affordable broadband access to either education or telemedicine efforts please contact us at

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